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Dave O’s mother loves to tell the story of how she knew he was destined to host a 1990′s radio show someday.

“When he was five years old, Dave would take my rubber turkey baster off of the kitchen counter and into his room,” she says. “I still remember the first time I walked in and he was talking into it like it was a microphone. At the same time, he’d be playing his 45′s on the record player and acting like he was hosting a weekly national radio show. It was adorable.”

Years later, Dave O grew up in Nebraska as a true child of the 1990′s, listening to nothing but pop music and collecting every cassette and CD he could get his hands on. He continued “playing DJ” in his room and spent all of his spare time calling local radio stations and trying to talk them into hiring him.

At the age of sixteen, all the hard work and begging paid off, as Dave O was hired to do weekend overnights at a local radio station in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Over fifteen years later, Dave O still works in radio, and has done so at a number of America’s premiere radio stations in Charlotte, Kansas City and Jacksonville.

To this day, Dave O still has all of those old tapes and CD’s in his personal music collection. In fact, he boasts a copy of over 95% of every single pop song to ever hit the charts in the 1990′s. And, his DVR is still full of Saved By The Bell, 90210 and Step By Step episodes. Unfortunately, he had to give up his waterbed and pleather pants years ago.

Join Dave O each weekend on “Round Trip With Dave O” as he takes you back to the 1990′s with a special blend of pop music from his own personal collection, artist interviews, stories about the songs never heard before, your phone calls toll free at 855-895-TRIP and big prizes.

Thanks for listening, and here’s to childhood dreams becoming reality.

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